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Is the Bus Life Right For Me?

Is the Bus Life Right For Me?


Have you been dreaming of a more simple way of life? Do you find yourself researching what it would be like to live on a converted school bus? Are you ready to go buy a bus to convert into your full-time home on wheels? If you answered,”yes” to these questions, have you asked yourself the most important question?

Is the Bus Life Right for Me?

This is the question that you need to explore before buying and converting a bus.

Many people dream of simplifying their life, living with less, and even dream about traveling full time. Then there are those who like myself, NEVER thought I would live tiny much less on a bus with 7 kids. So, who are the people that enjoy bus life? You know the ones that embrace it and stick with it. You most certainly want to know if you are cut out for this lifestyle before spending time and money on the conversion.

“Is the Bus Life Right for Me?”

Consider theses 5 questions before selling your stick and brink house, turning in the keys to your apartment, or putting out $3500 on a bus.

#1 Do you feel like your stuff is weighing you down?

As you look around your home, is all your stuff cluttering your mind and taking up space? Or, are you attached to it in a way that gives you pleasure?

For me, there are those items that make me smile, bring back memories or that I can not bring myself to part with. It is items like my Grandpa’s thermos that he took to work every day on the farm. Or the crooked pie safe that 4 generations of women in our family used in their kitchen.

But for the most part, as I look around, I just see things that I have to pick up, throw away, or find a place for it to call home. Better yet, I just find myself fussing at a kid for not putting it where it belongs! The abundance of stuff is creating more frustrations than it is bringing me joy.

How about you, are you tied to stuff or is stuff tying you down.

Ask yourself, “Is the Bus Life Right for Me if I have to sell, give away or pay to store my stuff?”

#2 Do you like spending time with your family?

Come on, here is where you really need to be honest with yourself. If you are the type of person, that doesn’t enjoy having your children underfoot then, by all means, don’t put them on a skoolie with only 270 SQ feet or less.

Are you the type that likes to do things alone without your spouse? Spend a good hour, envisioning yourself getting up in the morning with your family looking and talking to you before your feet are on the floor. Think about going through the day, with kids and dogs running in and out of a small space. Imagine yourself living only an arm’s length away from your loved one, can you live like this?

Let me tell you, this is one of the hardest things for me about skoolie life.

I am NOT a morning person! But I lived on a bus where the other 7 people want to get up with the sunrise. Grr….

I want to drink my coffee without NOISE!

I love my children and husband but I love quiet and alone time too. If you are like me, don’t give up on the dream just yet. There are ways to make bus life work when you need your space, it just means you have to get creative. Are you the creative type?

Ask yourself, “Is the Bus Life Right for Me if I have to give up some of my alone time?”

#3 Do you like to travel?

On the weekends, do you find yourself hopping in the car for short trips to places you have never visited? One thing we loved (still love) to do before getting a bus was to hop in the van and just spend the day driving. We love exploring a new town or just picking a spot on the map only a tankful of gas away. If you like seeing new places, meeting new people and driving to a next spot to hang out, then bus life is a great way to travel.

#4 Do you spend more time outdoors than indoors?

Again, this one was hard for me in the beginning. So, if you are not the outdoors type don’t call it quits just yet. I have learned that getting outside, not only helps my attitude but truly is inspiring. The sights, sounds, and the smell of nature is refreshing. If you haven’t read a book outside and been distracted by the sound of baby birds chirping, watched them as the mama bird flew back to their open mouths, and heard her song when she finished, you are missing out on life right outside.

Once, I started getting outside more, I fell in love with hiking, spelunking, and bird watching. Do you find yourself outside more than inside?


Are you more of the type of person who loves the comforts of piddling around the house, reading a book curled up in bed, or binge-watching your favorite show? If these are what you enjoy there is nothing wrong with it. Just be sure you ask yourself, “Is the Bus Life Right for me if I have to watch TV outside or read a book on the beach?”

#5 Do you like hiking, exploring, and adventure?

If you love hiking, biking, and exploring, the bus life is made for you. You can locate your next adventure on the map, and set off on one adventure after another. One thing we love to do is pick a state and travel around it exploring all the fun and interesting spots. Then, we move onto another state. When we were stationary in our bus, we are able to enjoy more things locally, eat out more, and spend more time doing fun things with the kids. Why? Because it is not taking as much money to live.

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Now, as cool and exciting as bus life sounds if you are the type of person who does not like to get outdoors, or travel but would rather just stay home. Then you might not be content on a bus. If you can not come up with creative ways to find alone time, and can not let go of stuff, then you are not going to enjoy the small space on a bus.


If you have the adventurous spirit, the longing to travel, the get-up-and-go nature, you will enjoy bus life.

How did you answer the question, “Is the Bus Life Right for Me?” ? Scroll down and tell me in the comments below.

If you are interested in finding out if living in a skoolie is right for you, check out our FREE e-course.

  • Mike
    Posted at 11:38h, 24 October Reply

    I’ve been looking for a bus for 4 months now! Have found several nice buses, but still looking for the one I want for me! I live in central Illinois and have for almost 63 years. I’m a retired carpenter and remodeler. The work on the bus will be no problem, all ready have tools for carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and the demo. Also have a garage that is kind of a lumber and hardware store. I will probably travel by myself with a dog. But I want my fishing boat to travel with me. I’ve always loved camping, but live on ss and it will be tight. But am willing to do this because I really dislike cold weather. Your sight has been nice to read. My mechanic friend gives me advice on types and brands. Keep up your posting of your conversions. I’m like your husband can live simple. Good luck and I like to see many versions to give me ideas as to how I want to spend the next 2 or 3 months. Making a home. Thanks, Mike

    • discoveringus
      Posted at 14:56h, 05 November Reply

      Mike, Thanks for taking the time to comment. I look forward to seeing the bus that you pick and convert. Check out our Pinterest board. It is load with floor plans, pins that represent builds we have completed and lots of other ideas. Here is the Pinterest link https://www.pinterest.com/discoveringus9/ – Missy

  • You Colleen Devlin
    Posted at 20:48h, 01 December Reply

    I am a single woman, 62 years old, and want to consider repurposing a bus of some type. I’ve been doing a lot of research and this seems like a good solution for me.
    Last year I lost my older sister, I lost my job, had to move out of my rental house, had a breast cancer diagnosis, had to put down the dog that I had for 18 years, plus multiple other things in ripple effects. All told I was homeless while going through surgery and chemo. I’m still experiencing the effects of all of these events.
    One thing that I have been realizing and being quite afraid of is retirement. I have nothing. I will need housing and I have also considered many different alternatives. I am intrigued by the freedom and self sufficiency of traveling and living in a converted bus.
    Having had cancer my life is different and poses a different way of thinking about my life. I know my people will think I’m nuts but they have not had my experiences.
    My biggest concern is my safety. Being a woman traveling alone has me reaching out to and others that might be able to offer me some ideas. Any advice would be very appreciated. Thank you.

  • Tina F
    Posted at 18:25h, 10 December Reply

    I have been searching for the last 30+ years for a less weighed down freedom way of life. I have thought of many different ways of acheiving that from car and camping or conversation van to luxury 5th wheels and big 3500 to tow and all in between. I know that searching that long with longing for the shackles of lifes tie downs removed is quite a long time without movement. But, with that said I know that my heart leans toward a luxury 5th wheel and yes even a luxury truck. But my wallet would stretch so far out of wack it could be a long time before it came close to back in shape (1-3) years. I absolutely know that luxury, comfort and safety is necessary. Now to start with i need to verfy the use and practibily of a bus vs a 5th wheel and truck. The ability to create the livability structure of a bus vs a 5th wheel and truck. I have 6 small dogs ( all under 14lbs) accept one at 25. Axles, suspension, disk breaks vs drum, heat pump, quiet AC units, bus siding exchanged for full body paint siding, insitation for all weather travel and full time living. Propain tanks and hook up with outdoor kitchen. Inverter, solar, Wi-Fi , fire places. So basically can I take a bus transform it to fit into a luxury full time living 5th wheel or RV type of vehicle?

    • discoveringus
      Posted at 13:13h, 11 December Reply

      Hi Tina,
      Yes, you can take a bus and customize it to fit your needs. It can be as luxurious as you would like it to be. Check out our Skoolie Homes Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/teamskooliehomes/ It has several buses that we have converted to get you an idea of the possibilities.

  • Dowell Jason
    Posted at 10:58h, 04 January Reply

    that’s a nice way to live. I think less is the way to go. Less stuff, more life

    • discoveringus
      Posted at 23:44h, 04 January Reply

      Less stuff more experiences = Life. Totally agree!

  • Bianca
    Posted at 19:27h, 06 March Reply

    I first saw your bus on Pinterest when I was searching for one for me and my friends to do a roadtrip. As I was doing research I found your website and realized it was you I saw on Pinterest. This is a great idea and I’m dreaming about it a lot with a group of my close friends, we hope this is a possibility for us in the near future.

  • heather
    Posted at 19:15h, 10 April Reply

    I like the comment about how if you’re a homebody, bus life might not be right for you. My husband and I have been planning for our child-light years, coming up. He’d like to drive and hotel, and I’m a homebody. I want MY pillow, and MY quilt and MY books, and MY dog, and I don’t want to cart them in and out of a hotel room. We have always loved driving trips and can’t wait to do it.

    Question though… we’re in Canada, and will be in all sorts of weather. We’d like to go to Alaska and the Yukon, Nunavut and The Northwest Territories. Would we need to change the bus windows to double pane? I’m thinking we should go straight to a highway bus, but don’t want anything that big.

    Glad to have found you today. Enjoyed the posts, as fellow parents of more than the average number of kids, one of whom is adopted… Blessings!

  • LH
    Posted at 21:26h, 19 April Reply

    if I am not real handy are there typical body shops that can do the job ?

    • discoveringus
      Posted at 23:24h, 25 April Reply

      Hi LH, If you are referring to the “typical body shops” converting a bus that is a negative. You will need to look for someone who completes bus conversions. Check out our business at https://skoolie.homes

  • Jerome
    Posted at 16:37h, 25 May Reply

    All this is life made simple and easy,I’m hoping my dream will someday be realized.

  • Buddy Trager
    Posted at 00:19h, 15 November Reply

    For me I see living the Skoolie life as a new chapter in my life and a way to return to my roots of simplicity and less clutter. Being single and loving to read (I read a lot), I enjoy being outside more than inside. I am in generally a loner, but I do love the company of others. Traveling has been something I been wanting to do. Now with me quitting school and having to pay back the student loans; I see an opportunity to put my plan into action. Hoping next year to begin the purchase and renovation of a Skoolie. I found this website in my researching the bus living tiny house.

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