Blue Bird Bus – Fully Gutted

Blue Bird Bus – Fully Gutted

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bluebird bus for sale
passenger side of bus for sale
driver side of bus for sale
interior of bus gutted and ready for conversion
driver side front tire and storage box
passenger front tire of bus for sale

Completely Gutted
It is ready to have 2 AC units installed
Space for a generator
One storage box underneath
Already titled as a motorhome
RV door with screen installed

Bus Information
Price: $10 500,00
Make: Blue Bird
Model: 2001
Color: Blue and Silver
Drive Type: Diesel
Year: 2001
Passengers: 60
Windows: 14
Engine: 8.3 L Cummins (24 valve)
Transmission: Allision
Engine Mileage: 128,000
Top Speed (mph): 75
Doors: 2
Additional Information
Exterior Length (ft): 40
Interior Length (ft): 35
Interior Width (ft): 7' 6"
Interior Ceiling Height (ft): 6'2"
Does this bus have a clear title?: Yes
Seller Information
First Name: Jeff

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