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When You Lose the Farm, Buy a Bus

Our bus story

When You Lose the Farm, Buy a Bus

You might be thinking what does losing a farm have to do with buying a bus. Well, our Skoolie story started back in 2009. You can read about How Our Skoolie Dream Came to Life in this post.  But that is not all of our Skoolie story. Our Skoolie story revived when we lost our farm. You see, when Katie’s seizures started, she fell out of our bus. After the second time, I suggested to Jeff that we return home and purchase a camper. To make a long story short, we did and didn’t like it. Therefore, we sold the camper and decided to start a homestead farm. We wanted to raise our own meat, sell fresh eggs, and have a You-Pick farm. We had cows, chickens, a horse, and a donkey. (Oh, by the way, you should have seen my cow. I trained her to walk on a leash. It was a site to see, I’m telling ya.) In addition to livestock, we had blueberry bushes, blackberry bushes, grapes, fruit trees and a full garden. After a year or so, trouble started. You can read about it below.

When You Lose the Farm, Buy a Bus: Our Skoolie Story

Blog post from my old blog dated May 7th, 2015

This past weekend Jeff and Joshua solved the mystery of The Great Chicken Escape, only for us to find out this morning that during the night 8 of our chickens died, 11 are missing and 4 were alive.

After Joshua broke the news to us, he and Jeff went to the chicken coop to find out what happened.  No chicken feathers were scattered around and no sign of a struggle.  Therefore, we don’t think it was an animal predator. Jeff inspected the chickens closely and found small holes in the 8 dead chickens.


Why would someone come into our pasture, steal 11 chickens, kill 8 chickens, and leave us 4 chickens! Is this what really happened? We don’t know but we can not find another solution.

Who would do such a thing!! And Why?

We have know idea.

Between December and February, we had 3 cows to die. At the time we thought it was from natural causes, but now this makes us wonder what really happened to them.  If someone is determined to kill all of our animals then they only have 4 chickens, a cow and a horse to complete the job.

What do we do?

As painful as it is, Jeff and I made the decision to give away the chickens and sell the cow and horse.  Yes, there has been many tears in our house today including my own.  You see the cow is mine.  I bottle-fed her and she comes when I call her. Her name is Hershey.  She recognizes my voice and will “moo” at me when I come outside.  I have tried to hold back my emotions today, but as I sit here and type the dam has broken. The tears will not stop.

Tonight, Hershey and the horse, Carmel, are locked in the barn.

Tomorrow, someone is coming to buy Hershey and take her to their farm.  She will be used as a breeding/milk cow.  She will “moo” at another mama and enjoy being petted by other children. Hershey may not ever remember her first family but we will never forget her.  She changed this city girl in ways I never thought possible. What happened to me through this cow has been life-altering.  Hopefully, we will find a home for Carmel very soon and we gave our chickens to someone in our family today.

Why is all of this happening?

I don’t know what happened or why. In the past, whenever our life has taken a turn down a different road it has always led to one that was better than the one that we left behind.  As sad as today has been, The Miller’s are excited to see what will happen next. Please pray for us as we figure out what road to get on.

Only 2 Months Later

Two months later this was sitting in our yard.  We had no idea that the next stop on our life’s roadmap would involve another bus. Our Skoolie story had begun again. Converting our school bus became a need just a few weeks later when we learned that Katie’s was getting her wish granted by Make A Wish of TN. 

Our Skoolie Story

Our Skoolie Story was revived from the demise of our farm. You see, without the sale of Hershey, and the farm equipment we would not have been able to buy a bus. We’ve learned in our life that when unexpected things happen when dreams die, and life doesn’t look like we had hoped that we have 2 choices. We can get mad, stomp our feet and just wallow or we can pray, wait, and look forward to the next adventure that God has in store for our family.

(Hey, let me let you in on a secret. As much as I loved my cow, Hershey, I love our bus, The Katie-Lynn much much more.)

I am thankful that we picked ourselves up and dusted off and got ready for the ride we are now on.

Do you have a Skoolie story? If so, I would love to hear all about it in our Skoolie Homes Community. Click the link and tell me about your Skoolie story.


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