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What Do We Love About the Bus Life?

Jeff and Missy Miller

What Do We Love About the Bus Life?

Loving the bus life came naturally for Jeff. From the moment I met Jeff, he has always lived minimally. When we met, he lived in a one-bedroom one bath house with heat from a fireplace and no AC. It was clean and cozy. The furnishing were few and the decor minimal. So, it is no wonder that he loves the bus life. Now, me on the other hand, I would have never considered living on a bus. Heck, bus life with a large family scared the crap out of me! Because I loved my husband and loved traveling, I was agreeable to give it a try. Honestly, it started because I was cheap! Then, God just took over and somewhere between Tennessee and Texas, I fell in love with my bus home. Living in a converted bus just felt right! We lived full-time in our bus from 2009-2011.


What Do We Love About The Bus Life?

In 2011, when we sold our bus, I honestly felt like a part of me was missing. I missed singing to my little ones before bed. Sitting on the couch reading a book while little voices yelled, “Night Mommy”, “Lub you Mommy”, “Sleep Sweet Mommy” from the bunk area are sounds that will never be forgotten. I loved sitting around the campfire waiting for a nocturnal critter to slowly meander by us looking for dinner. To this day, I miss hearing the Mule Deer snort at me and loved listening to the grunt of a Javelina during dinnertime.  Walking around a ghost towntalking to the locals, and wishing we could park our bus in the dirt next to a dilapidated house is an experience that made a lasting impression on us. One thing that I love about bus life is that we get to learn about all the history that our country has to offer. There is so much to see and do in this country if we just slow down and get outside our front door. Yes, Jeff and I love bus living.

Here is an excerpt from my journal the morning that we headed home in our bus for the last time in 2011.

“I woke up early this morning to the distant smell of bacon and sausage filling the air. As I sit in the morning sun sipping my coffee, it is as if I think the slower I drink this cup of coffee the longer it is before we have to leave. My mind drifted off for a few minutes, and I am brought back to reality by the sound of the Pecos River flowing rapidly behind me. The snow is melting off the mountains and the river is raging. Fitting for today, my emotions are raging inside of me. I want to be glad that I am returning home but all I seriously want to do is stomp my feet like a three-year-old and not leave this place. Suddenly,  I spot a Black-Headed Grosbeak playing chase with an unidentified bird. I hear the songs of their friends announcing the day. Sitting on the bench, smiling as people walk by to the bathhouse, I am secretly NOT wanting to start my day. I want to fly off with the Grosbeak and avoid explaining to the children why we are going to leave.
As I see the bottom of my coffee cup approaching, I realize that my heart is as empty as my cup. I am going to miss talking to Mr. Dan under the Juniper tree. Listening to his stories about the war and hearing about his walk with our Savior. I will not be spending tonight sitting around the campfire talking to Jeff about the day’s events, praying for the people we have met, and discussing what we are going to do tomorrow or who needs a helping hand. I am going to miss the birds, the river, the people, and the smell of bacon in the air.
Some days, bus life with 7 kids is not easy. But I don’t think the worst day on our bus so far compares to today. Today, I will step on the bus for the last time and leave all of this behind. We are heading home.”
I hope as you read this you heard how much I love the bus life. This lifestyle is not for everyone, but I am thankful that it is for us.

Now that we have another bus,

I am excited to get back to bus life. All the things I miss are things I love about living on a bus. This year is our year to right size our life and start the journey back to living in our bus. I thought this was a great time to talk to the kids and see what they love about the bus life. Do you wanna hear what they had to say?

Here’s what the kids have to say about the bus life:

Hannah, would you rather live in our house or on the bus, and why?

“On the bus because I love being near family. I love traveling to new places.”

Melissa, what do you like about living/traveling on a converted school bus?

“The scenery is always changing. I have something different to do and see every day. One of the best things is experiencing different cultures and learning about different places.”
Would you rather live in the bus or our house?
“I love living in the bus!”

Jacob, what is one thing that you love about traveling/living in the bus?

“I like trying all the different food. It doesn’t matter if it is food over the campfire, in a new restaurant, or a microwave meal. It all tastes better in the bus.”
Would you rather live in the bus or our house?
“The bus because I sleep better.” Why do you think you sleep better? “I like the low hum of the AC unit.”

Andrew, tell me one thing you like about bus life.

“I like it when we are on the bus because I have more time with the entire family.”
Would you rather live on the bus or in our house?
“The house, because as much as I love spending time with everyone, some days the bus seems really small and too noisy. When we are all in the bus, I can’t stand the noise.”

Joshua, where would you rather live? Bus or house?

“The bus because I sleep better, not as expensive to live in and the bus is just like our house.”

What do you like about living in a bus?

“It can move around and we are not just stuck in our house.”

I don’t even have to ask Katie. When the bus is in our drive, all I hear from her is “Bus, Bus, Bus”. We all know Katie loves the bus.

Lovin Bus Life and Sierra

Well, as you just read, I am not the only one who misses the bus life. Jeff and I are excited to start this journey back to something we love so much. Oh, and just so you all know, Sierra doesn’t like the bus life. She is in college now and working on getting a degree to become a Speech Pathologist. For now, she will stay in the house and enjoy life as a college student. I’m sure she will love helping us right-size!

What do you love about living or traveling on your bus? Tell us in the comments below.

Coming Soon: Video of the Kids and Our Bus



  • Tom Schnack
    Posted at 16:12h, 03 April Reply

    Hello Missy and Jeff. You are an insiration. I must tell you that my family (wife and two sons, now 11 and 13) lived in an old 27 foot RV that I stripped and rebuilt to accomidate us.We have been out of the RV for two years now, and everyday to me seems like I lost a connection with the world. I can say my wife feels the same; the boys on the other hand don’t want to live small again. Our main reason for going into a house was for them to get privacy. This brings me to my question. How will you make life enjoyable for your Andrew if he prefers living in the house? I continuously search for the perfect bus, and one day, if only my wife and I, we will be small living folks again. I love your story and am curious how you managed with seven and schooling. Can you help me out with more info please?
    Thanks so much,
    Tom. The Fluteman.

    PS. I make wooden Native American style flutes.:)

    • discoveringus
      Posted at 00:20h, 06 April Reply

      Hi Tom,

      I totally understand children wanting privacy and I have to admit there is not much of it on the bus. Andrew has Autism and he is not crazy about the noises, lack of routine, and unexpected visitors that we seem to attract. LOL One thing that we do for him and all the children is to allow them alone time on the bus. Once we move into our new bus, each bunk will have a curtain so the kids can pull it and not be seen. Now, your second questions about more info on how I manage kids and schooling. I pray my way through!. Really! It is one day at a time, coffee, Jesus and deep breathing. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If your wife is on Facebook tell her to join my FB group Four wheels and a Bra. I am getting ready to show people an up close and personal look how we move from our stick and brick house into our bus and everything along the way. These videos will also be on our You Tube channel. Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself.

  • Sheva Hart
    Posted at 16:02h, 18 April Reply

    Lovely comments!

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