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Do You Have a Questions About the Step by Step Conversion Course?

FAQ about Step by Step Conversion Course

Do You Have a Questions About the Step by Step Conversion Course?

Since launching the Step-By-Step School Bus Conversion courseI have enjoyed getting to know several of you through email. You have emailed me your questions about converting a school bus and the Step-by-Step School Bus Conversion course. Let me start by saying thanks so much for emailing!

Before I started blogging, I really didn’t think bloggers answered emails and maybe even didn’t even want to be bothered. I often thought, “Who am I? She won’t answer little old me.” Man, am I glad you guys didn’t think that! Or if you did, you didn’t listen to yourself. Jeff and I enjoy connecting with our readers. Because I am sure that some people are like me and are hesitant to email, I wanted to take the time and answer some of the frequently asked questions about the Step-By-Step School Bus Conversion course.

Do You Have a Question About the Step by Step Conversion Course?

If so check out these FAQ and see if we answer it. If you do not find your question listed, please don’t stay silent! Just email me.

1. Does your course apply to all types of buses?

Yes. It is geared (pun intended) toward school buses but can be used for any type of bus. There may be some adjustments required to suit the needs of your vehicle.

2. Do I need to have certain skills or knowledge before I enroll?

No! You do not have to be an experienced carpenter, electrician, or plumber to build a bus home! We will show you the exact tools you will need and how to use them. The only requirement is that you use common sense and safety gear! Some of the conversion tasks do require strength, such as installing the AC unit on top of the bus. The course will provide you with the ‘how-to’ information, but you will need to provide the strength or ask friends to come help.

3. What if I don’t have my bus yet? Will I have access in a few months?

Yes! Once you have enrolled in the course, you will have access to current material plus any additional updates for a year. We recommend not enrolling in this course if you do not think you will have your bus purchased within the next 6-9 months. We do not want you to rush through the course or feel pressured to purchase a bus either. The course will launch several times throughout the year so you will have an opportunity to enroll when you are ready.

4. If I plan on purchasing my bus in the next few months, should I go ahead and purchase the course?

The first module in the course goes over different bus types, engine types, and the inspection process.
By deciding to purchase now you will save money and have access to the course for a year. If you are still converting your bus after a year, all you have to do is let me know and I can manually extend your time.
Another benefit to purchasing now is that you will have access to the Step-By-Step School Bus Conversion private Facebook group. Here you can learn from others as they work through the course as well as have Jeff to ask any questions that might come up as you read through the course. If anything is confusing or something is not in the course that you think you will need, just let me know and we will add it for you. Please refer to question #3, if you will not be purchasing your bus in less than 6 months.

5. When will you launch the course again?

Our plan is to launch this course again by the end of February 2017.

6. How quickly can I convert my bus following your course instructions?

Depending on your budget and time frame, it is possible to convert a bus in 90 days. For the beta launch of this course, modules will roll out once a week for 8 weeks. Afterward, you will have access to all modules at all times.

7. Can I use my choice of materials?

Absolutely. Most of the materials we use can be easily substituted by any other you choose. If you are not certain, you can email us and we will help you figure out a suitable alternative.

8. If I have carpentry skills and tools, will I still benefit from the course?

The three most problematic areas in a school bus conversion are the plumbing, electric, and exterior painting. All three of these are included in Step-By-Step School Bus Conversion. In addition, you will have access to 6 other modules, which include how-to tutorials, videos, Portable Instruction Guide and Bus Binder.

9. Do you have a list of tools needed for a conversion?

In the first module, you will get a “Tools Checklist” along with other information that will help you as you work through Step-By-Step School Bus Conversion.

10. What if I am in the middle of my school bus conversion and am having trouble, will you help me?

When you are converting your bus while enrolled in Step-By-Step School Bus Conversion, and can’t find the answers to your questions in the course, please email us and we will do what we can to help you. We will add the information to the course, answer your question during “office hours” in the Facebook group, or even get on the phone with you if needed. Our goal is to see your finished bus!


Did these answers to the most frequently asked questions about Step-By-Step School Bus Conversion help you? If you didn’t see an answer you need, please comment below and I will answer your question. Hope to see you in the  course!



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