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What To Do When You Hit a Skoolie Roadblock

Skoolie Conversion Roadblocks

What To Do When You Hit a Skoolie Roadblock

So Y’all,  I have been thinking more and more about the posts that I am seeing where people are selling their partially converted buses. Why do you think people hit Skoolie conversion roadblocks?  After much thought, I realize that maybe they haven’t made one of the 3 common school bus conversion mistakes but rather that they might just have hit a roadblock in their conversion.

Do you ever feel like you try and try to save the money for your conversion but ever since you bought your bus you just can’t seem to get the conversion started? Maybe you have been converting your bus and cut your finger. Now, you can’t work a drill and you are at a standstill until your finger gets better. Or does this happen to you…..

It seems like one unexpected thing after another has come up in your family and you are left with NO time to convert your bus. Man oh man! Can we relate to this Skoolie conversion roadblock? Heck Yeah!!

One thing I want you to know going into a Skoolie conversion and in the middle of one is you will hit roadblocks.

Okay, so it may take you longer to convert your bus. Or you may have to cut some items out of your plan for now. Maybe when you move into your conversion it will not be as you had envisioned. But that’s alright! Most people say they are never finished converting their bus. Skoolie owners like to keep adding and changing their buses to suit their needs.

If you are anything like me, I sincerely want my plan to come together despite the Skoolie conversion roadblocks that I may encounter. Let me share a few simple strategies that you can use when you run smack-dab into Skoolie conversion roadblocks. (I confess, we use these strategies and have found they work.)

Re-Evaluate the Plan

First start by looking at your goals, and plans that you’ve been working toward.  If you haven’t taken the time to set goals and make a plan then read this post for some ideas.

Take a realistic look at the plan. What do you need to change? What’s working and what’s not? Look at your priorities and see which things need your attention first. Start making a list of things that must get done to get over this hurdle.

Search for other routes

Now that you know what’s tripping you up and where you need to make changes, it’s time to look for an alternative route.

What part of your conversion are you working on right now? Maybe you need to switch it up and work on a different area of your conversion?  Try putting your current project on hold and tackle one that will give you a quick win. This is where you want to start. Start at the beginning, even when the beginning is in the middle of the conversion. Sometimes a few small victories will rekindle the drive to push through the challenges.  Don’t focus on the Skoolie conversion roadblocks, focus on how to get around them.

First let me say, don’t be too hard on yourself. Everybody has doubts, fears, and challenges. Look at it as a time to STOP and revise your original plan.

Evaluate the problem and come up with several ways to solve it.

Step off the Bus

Most of the time when converting a bus or in life, when I hit a roadblock it helps me to step back and mentally prepare.  Sometimes, it means just having a good cry, venting to my friend, spending time in prayer, or baking some cupcakes. (Some roadblocks may require ALL four!)  While tears flow into my cupcake, I regain my perspective. Do you see failure coming at you full speed? If so, now is the time to step off the bus and plan a way to stop your dreams from crashing.

Maybe you need to take a walk, go do something fun, or just get in front of your computer and search for a solution.

If the roadblock is huge, you may need to step away from the bus for a few days. Stepping off the bus usually, will clear your mind and help you to see the problem for what it is.

A Problem. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a problem that needs a solution.

With some mental clarity, you can come up with solutions.

Have you ever had a problem when converting your bus and had to step off your bus for a few days? (I would love to hear about it in the comments.)

Plan Your detour

After re-evaluating your plan, searching for solutions to the problem, and stepping off the bus for a mental break, you can get to work planning how to turn your roadblock into a manageable detour. For me, it comes down to what I am willing and able to do to get past the roadblock. At times, it means I will have to step out of my comfort zone and just pull up my big girl panties and do what’s got to be done. The biggest strategy I have learned is to take the attitude that I will not alter my dreams because of a few roadblocks. I determine to follow through and not give up .

So, devise a new plan, re-route your path, and resolve to get your conversion back on the reality road.

Get back in the driver’s seat

I love this quote by Mathew E. Fryer. “With every road block, a detour is built. With every ending, a new beginning is defined. Embracing a challenge makes life interesting but overcoming it makes life meaningful.”

Thinking about why we enjoy converting buses, traveling and living in Skoolies helps us get back in the driver’s seat. Let’s embrace the challenge and overcome it and enjoy the Skoolie lifestyle. With your new plan in hand and a renewed vision for your Skoolie, you can get back to the hard work of making your dream come true.

What makes you find a detour to your Skoolie Conversion Roadblocks and get back in the driver’s seat? Hop on over in our FaceBook group and tell me. Here’s the link.



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