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5 Tips to Get your Skoolie Dream on the Reality Road

Make your skoolie dreams a reality

5 Tips to Get your Skoolie Dream on the Reality Road

Five Tips to Get Your Skoolie Dream on the Reality Road

Do you have the Skoolie Dream? If you missed how our dream got started, you can read about it here. Are you ready to live in a converted school bus? In order to live in a converted school bus, you must have a deep desire. Ask yourself these questions to find out if you are really ready to get your Skoolie dream on the reality road.

Do you feel like a slave to your own lifestyle?

Are your priorities shifting into a more simplified lifestyle?

Do you want to travel without time limits?

Do you possess the adventurous spirit?

Are you willing to learn new skills?

If you answered 3 out of the 5, Yes – HECK YEAH! Then, you are ready!

Make sure to download the 10 Keys to Turning Your Skoolie Dream Into a Reality Worksheet at the bottom of this post!

If you are ready to get your Skoolie dream on the reality road, read the tips below and take action.

Tip #1 – Evaluate

Make sure you have thought long and hard about this lifestyle. It is exciting to think about getting out of debt, simplifying your life, and enjoying the freedom of travel. But I am here to shoot straight with you, some days are not exciting. Living in a small space with the ones you love can get mighty cramped after an argument or after 3 rainy days with 7 kids and the laundry piling up. Have you thought about what your life would look like while living in a converted school bus with your loved ones?

Let’s Get Real Here

If in your stick and brick house you do not want to be around your children, or you find yourself hanging out any where other than with your partner, MAYBE, just maybe this is not the lifestyle you want to choose.

Do you and your loved ones agree that living in a converted school bus is a dream that you want to come true? If not, you better get on the same road before cranking up that bus! If I hadn’t joined Jeff in this dream, we ALL would have been miserable.

Do you have the personal perseverance to MAKE this dream come true?

I love this quote by Peter Pan, “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”

If you are not ready to persevere, to sacrifice and to do what’s gotta be done, you will still be dreaming 5 years from now.


Take time to evaluate and then…


Tip #2 – Mentally Prepare

Are you a positive thinker?

When turning a dream into reality, there’s no room for negativity!

Remember the saying, ‘Half the battle is won in the mind.’ You have to believe that it is possible to get your Skoolie dream on the reality road.

There are several steps that I took to mentally prepare. The first step I did was to write out my dream in detail. I thought about how I wanted to feel, things I wanted to do, and places I wanted to visit.

Next, I shared my dream with family and friends that I thought would be supportive. Jeff and I talked frequently about our dream to simplify our life, travel and bond with our kids, and share our faith while living in a converted school bus. Sharing and talking brings excitement.

Excitement + positive attitude + perseverance = driving your bus on the reality road.

peter pan flying quote

Tip #3 – Establish Goals

Now, before you tuck tail and run just hold on a minute. Even if you are NOT the Type A person who loves planning, goal setting, and list-making, YOU CAN DO THIS!

What I am talking about is, think about your dream to live or travel in a school bus and decide what steps you need to take to get this Skoolie dream on the reality road.

After you have done some research on what it takes to purchase a bus, convert a bus, and live in a bus, you will have a pretty good idea on where you would like to begin.

Start by making some goals. Be realistic! Set small goals that you can accomplish.

Here is how I do it… I work backward.

If my goal is to buy a bus, Step 1 would be have a yard sale with the money going in a bus fund.

Step 2- look for ways to earn extra money – there again the money goes to purchase the bus. You get the point.

Once your goals are made, develop a plan and set a deadline.

Make some concrete statements like – I am going to clean out the basement by Friday. I will clean out all the kid’s toys by the following Monday. The yard sale will be the next Friday and Saturday.

When you have a goal, a plan to accomplish it, and include a deadline, you are more apt to stick to it.

See this isn’t hard! You can do it!!

One thing that helps me is to tell people about my goals. Accountability will get you a long way down the reality road.

Tip #4 – There is no room for fear on the bus!

There will be days where doubts will come. Fearful ideas will roll in like a giant wave and come crashing down. Fear will try to take up residence in your brain. KICK IT OUT! DON’T LET IT TOSS YOU AROUND!

Tell yourself, “I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS! I AM GETTING THIS DREAM DONE!” Acknowledge the fear. Then replace each fear with a thought of something you will be doing, seeing, or enjoying while on your bus.

Read how Will and Alyssa kicked fear off their bus and now are accomplishing their dreams.

Tip #5 – Commit to the Skoolie Dream

Your dream of living a more simplified lifestyle is now in your hands. You have to make a commitment to the dream! Promise to think about it everyday. Find people to share your dream with for support and encouragement.

Join this inspiring community for women who live or dream about living in a converted school bus.

Let’s Review:

The 5 Tips to Get Your Skoolie Dream on the Reality Road are:

#1 – Evaluate

#2 – Mentally Prepare

#3 – Establish Goals

#4 – Erase Fear

#5 – Commit

  • brenda
    Posted at 12:08h, 05 October Reply

    i can not wait!

    • discoveringus
      Posted at 09:39h, 06 October Reply

      Hi Brenda, To me the dreaming and planning stages are just as much fun as converting. The excitement keeps propelling me forward. Which is the point, right? Anyway, here is a link to my Facebook group for women who are dreaming, planning, living, or traveling in a bus. (or another mode of transportation) You are welcome to join us and ask questions while meeting an awesome group of women. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1564363513865112/ Thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting.

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