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A Skoolie Thanksgiving: Give Thanks In All Things

A Skoolie Thanksgiving: Give Thanks In All Things

Originally Published on November 26th, 2009

A Skoolie ThanksgivingThis Thanksgiving was like no other, it was A Skoolie Thanksgiving! We are all getting familiar with life on the road not to mention life in only 235 square feet. I have to say that for the most part everyone is doing well adjusting to the change. Admittedly, we do have our days where the 235 sq. feet feels like 35 sq. feet and everyone is in someone’s space. I have heard over the last several days, people saying “I miss ….” , “When we were home ….”, “If we were in TN. …” so I thought it was time for a one-on-one with each child. It was time to be remind to give thanks in all things.


A Skoolie Thanksgiving

I make it a habit to teach spiritual lessons in the context of our daily living. Our children have heard me say several times this week, “Be thankful in ALL things.” But now, I needed to listen to each one of them. It was time for me to hear them, so that, they would comprehend what I was saying. I was prepared with several things to say to each child but thought it best to ask them some questions first.

What Do You Miss from “home”?

Therefore, today – Thanksgiving Day – November 26th, 2009, I asked each of the children separately what they missed from home. Here is what each one of them said:

Sierra – “I miss my friends and my family.”
Melissa – “I miss my room.”
Andrew – “I Wesley and Abby and our yard.”
Jacob – “I miss Wesley and Abby and my bike.”
Joshua – “I miss Wesley and Abby.”
Hannah – “I miss Wesley and Abby.”

Tell me something you are thankful for.

After asking each child what they missed, I asked them to tell me something that they were thankful for. Here is what each one of them said:

Sierra – “I am thankful for my family and friends.”
Melissa – “I am thankful for the bus.”
Andrew – “I am thankful for you.”
Jacob -“I am thankful for Daddy and Mommy.”
Joshua – “I am thankful for my jet and toys.”
Hannah – “I am thankful for the bus and popcorn.”

Give Thanks In All Things

After hearing what the children missed and what they are thankful for, I decided that I had already said everything that needed to be said. Lately, some of our circumstances haven’t been the best; therefore, I have to admit that I was surprised by their answers. Yes, we do miss things from home but even Hannah at age three realizes that we are blessed. We are thankful for all things. We had a great Skoolie Thanksgiving!

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

What The Parents Have To Say

Missy – The thing that I miss the most from home is time alone with Jeff, and my big bed! The thing that I am most thankful for is my relationship with Christ. Then it would be that He has given me the desires of my heart in my husband, in my children, and the opportunity to share my love for Him with others all across the United States.

Jeff – He said that he missed alone time with me, and his own bathroom and shower. The thing that he was most thankful for was that we were all safe, warm, and that God had provided us with a skoolie to accomplish His purpose in our life.


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