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With our 10 years experience in converting school buses into homes on wheels, we have come to know what floor plans and designs best make a Skoolie Home.  We offer over 20 floor plans for a variety of bus sizes.  Skoolie Home specializes in and only converts school buses.  We know that the biggest question you may have is “How much does bus conversion services cost to fulfill my dream of a Skoolie Home?” The answer is always, “That depends on the way you want to travel and stay in your Skoolie Home.”  However, we have put together an Skoolie conversion estimate tool that will allow you to get a good idea of the projected cost of our bus conversion services.

What to Expect When Converting a Bus With Skoolie Homes

The first step to getting bus conversion services from Skoolie Homes is to buy a bus.  Once you have purchased your bus, you will submit a deposit to secure your place on our build schedule after your consultation with a project manager to discuss your floor plan and conversion design style in detail. When you have chosen your floor plan and design, a contract will be executed, and your first installment will be due.  While we wait for your conversion start date, we will order and prepare your build materials for your arrival.

Steps To Begin Your Skoolie Conversion

The next big step is one of the most exciting days,  you will deliver your bus to our bus conversion shop in Kingsport, TN.  Soon, your build will begin on the agreed upon date and you will collaborate with your project manager over the course of the next 5-6 months to complete your conversion.  Building a skoolie is similar to building a stick home in that there may be hiccups along the way. We do our best to mitigate any issues but sometimes your build may take a little longer due to a supply shortage, weather conditions (it gets really cold in Kingsport!) or some gremlin in the system that we just could not foresee.  We always try to deliver on time, but encourage our clients not to make life decisions based on the delivery of the bus.  (i.e. don’t give up your house until you are for sure you love the bus life!).

Regular Updates and Clear Communication

When you work with us for your school bus conversion, we want to make sure you stay informed every step of the way.  You will receive regular updates, images and video to review as we work on your bus through our client portal (coming soon!).

Get Prepared for Skoolie Life

While you wait for the completion of your Skoolie Home, we invite you to prepare for traveling and staying in your bus successfully by taking advantage of one of our live workshops. With hands-on experience, including how to drive and maintain your Skoolie Home, you will be “road ready” come delivery day.

Getting Your Skoolie Dream on Reality Road

The final stop of this journey comes when you arrive to take delivery of your fully-converted Skoolie Home,   Finally, you realize your Skoolie dream and get on the path to freedom and fun, enjoying a new adventure in your Skoolie Home.  As you drive off into the sunset, we hope you will stay connected and take advantage of the support from fellow Skoolie travelers in our Skoolie Homes Community on Facebook.

View Pricing and What is Included in a Full Conversion

A complete full conversion starts at $60,000 and includes a completed bus built from one of our standard floor plans, plus basic solar. 

-Standard Floor Plan (with tweaks of interior walls)

-1 AC unit-roof mounted

-Basic Solar (1 300 watt panel, 1 inverter, and 1 AGM battery)

-Basic Appliance package (small fridge, electric 2 burner cooktop, apartment sized microwave)

-Basic Lighting (4 LED near flush mount roof interior lights)

-Basic Bathroom and Kitchen fixtures (Single vessel drop-in sinks, standard apartment size vanity)

-Formica or Laminate countertops

-1-46 gallon fresh water holding tank

-1-64 gallon grey/black tank

-Standard Household Flushing Toilet

-24×24 RV Shower with Surround

-Basic Pex Plumbing to All Wet Areas

-Electric Shore Power Standard

-Master Bed (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, or King) with Custom Mattress

-2 Storage Closets (one as utility closet for electric/solar)

-Floor Mounted Custom Cabinets 

-Backup Camera

-Driver Detailing Area 

-Full Interior Detailing

-Finalization Fee: $1500 Includes Electric check, Alarm check, Water check, RV Certification



Consult with us. Get Financing. Get Insurance. Buy a bus or bring your bus.


Settle on your bus floor plan and design. Customize the interior by choosing from our many options. Customize the exterior.


Accept the Quote. Sign a Contract of Work with your dedicated project manager. Bus Conversion begins.


Bus is gutted. Home is Roughed in. Plumbing & Electric installed. Exterior Work Completed. Interior Build Finished. Complete Finishing Touches.


Final Sign off for safety by PacWest. Schedule Pickup/Delivery. Skoolie Homes Reveal. Live the Skoolie Life. Find Your Freedom!


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